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Cleaning- Women vs Men | Trust & Dust
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Cleaning- Women vs Men

We think about cleaning a lot (it’s the nature of the job!) and because most of our staff are female it does make us wonder if women are “better” at cleaning than men and also if they tend to clean more in their everyday lives.

It’s 2017 and we have a female prime minister, many women are the bread winners in a family and being a house husband isn’t a joke anymore. Therefore we would expect that cleaning and housekeeping in general was a split 50/50 between men and women…


A quick Google search shows that that doesn’t seem to be the case… For example, 37 % of women spend over 7 hours a week cleaning, compared to only 20% of men and worse, 59 % of men apparently pretend not to hear their partner when she asks them to do the washing up!

Interestingly there are differences in the sexes between what type of cleaning men and women do as well…

Men apparently prefer to do more ‘visible’ forms of cleaning, taking out the bins, food shopping, emptying the dishwasher and so on, whereas women end up doing the less glamorous chores, like, (you guessed it!) cleaning the loo and doing the laundry.


Okay, so it’s easy to read statistics online but how do these translate into real life? We did a quick poll of our social circle asking the following 3 questions, to determine if there really is still that much difference in cleaning between the sexes:

  • Who cleans more, you or your partner?
  • Why do you think that is?
  • What type of cleaning/household chores do each of you do?

The results were not at all what I was expecting! I assumed that my friends relationships would follow the pattern of the online stats, but in general that wasn’t the case.


Who cleans more… it is the ladies, although it was close! 2 said the man cleaned more, 1 said it was equal and 1 lucky sod has a cleaner.

Top reasons for one partner cleaning more than the other were

  • one partner works more than the other one
  • one partner notices it being dirty more
  • one partner thinks they do a better job
  • one partner cooks, the other one cleans.

Finally, we looked at this split between male and female chores, online stats said that men were more likely to take out the bins and women were more likely to clean toilets and do the laundry.

This one was proved true! There does appear to be a clear pattern…

Males- vacuuming, taking out the rubbish and recycling

Females- cooking, cleaning mirrors and windows, laundry and bed making

So the online statistics aren’t as clear-cut as they seem. We think every relationship has different dynamics and different ways of divvying up the chores of life. One thing is for certain, we should all be thoughtful and pitch in with cleaning, or if that’s really not an option for whatever reason, we can recommend a fantastic cleaning company… 😉








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