Our Response and Enhanced Cleaning Procedures


Thank you for checking in with us at Trust & Dust. Your concern for cleanliness, hygiene and safety are at the top of our priority list.

We want you to be reassured upon arrival in resort that your property has been cared for in the proper manner in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and so we have listed out our updated procedures below.

Along with the usual cleaning routine, we will be adopting, enhancing or swapping some steps for practices that will ensure your property is as clean as can be.

Disclaimer: Whilst we are doing everything within our power to ensure your property is maintained at a high standard, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% sterile due to many contributing factors beyond our control.


Cleaning as normal, then all surfaces to be sprayed with alcohol (min. 70%) solution, and left to disinfect.

Bathroom cleaning will include disinfecting all high touch areas such as cupboard handles, toilet flush, toilet brushes, bins, soap dispensers, etc.


Cleaning as normal, then all surfaces to be sprayed with alcohol (min. 70%) solution, and left to disinfect.

Kitchen cleaning will include disinfecting kitchen appliances (their handles, doors, etc.) and kitchen cupboard/drawers doors & handles.

If applicable, extractor fans will be run through the dishwasher at each changeover.


The beds will be made up on arrival and we will put towels out for your guests, unless you specify otherwise.

We will provide a clean laundry bag(s) for your guests to put their laundry in at the end of their stay. It is very important they do this, as it reduces the potential risk of us handling contaminated items.

If provided, and wherever possible, we will change every pillow, mattress and duvet protector after each set of guests upon changeover, before re-making the beds for the next guests.

Extra contact point cleaning:

Initial walk through of the property to open all doors and windows to allow ventillation

Remote controls & gaming controls

TV/radio/console on/off switches

Light switches & thermostats

Door & window handles

Keyboxes & keys

Railings & stair bannisters

Clothes hangers


Iron & ironing boards

Intercom & telephones


Laundry and more


Since the middle of March, we have been laundering all bags that have been delivered into the launderette, along with the contents. We have been doing this free of charge, but to be able to sustain a high standard we will now be doing this as standard practice going forward and have updated our price list accordingly.

As usual, the laundry submitted to our launderette is washed at a standard 60º where applicable. If the wash label does not permit a wash at a temperature of 60º, it will be washed to the highest the fabric allows.

At this point in time, we are not performing the ‘middle’ step of the wash process, where we would normally count the linen in after receiving it. This is to minimise the handling of any potential contaminated items. We will count the laundry, as usual, at the end of the process when we are bagging it up into your clean bags for collection.

Meet and greets:

We are happy to check your guests in and out of your property. To protect our team and your guests, we advise only one member of the party be present at check in, or the other party members be patient out side of the property whilst we perform the visit.

We will provide hand gel for the initial meeting, if it is not already there upon entrance to the property.

Guests will no longer be allowed to check in early unless T&D agrees it is safe to do so, this includes dropping off luggage and going out again. Guests will not be able to check out late, we have to allow time for the property to be vacant between visits.

Advice from Trust & Dust:

As we cannot be responsible for communal spaces in places such as apartment blocks, please consider contacting your letting/booking agencies and estate agents to find out their COVID-19 cleaning procedures for these areas.

Many guidelines issued have advised against the use of a vacuum cleaner to limit the dispersion of viral particles. We will consider this feedback on a case by case basis, whilst striving for our usual high standards.

Advise your guests to have/bring their own PPE (face masks at the very least) when staying in Morzine.

We would appreciate if you can keep in regular contact with us regarding the health of all guests arriving and departing. This is important, and helps us all to minimise potential contamination & spreading of COVID-19. We will be able to direct guests to the nearest doctor in Morzine.

Please consider removing all non-essential items inside your property such as: cushions, throws, books, board games, kids toys, decorative objects, kitchen items (condiments, oils & spices), etc. to minimise the risk of contamination/items to clean. T&D can store these away (at your property) for you, if applicable.

We suggest that you ensure basic provisions are available to your visitors. Items such as pillow, mattress & duvet protectors, should be provided and laundered after each booking to help in achieving high standards of hygiene. We also suggest you have at least one hand gel station at the entrance to your property. We have a stock of 500ml bottles available to purchase, please get in touch if you need one for your property.

More changeover time will potentially be needed, as we will have enhanced our cleaning routine, therefore we ask for extended check-out/in times (9am-5pm), where possible.

For more information, we have referred to the WHO operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector: Interim guidance

Protecting our Team:

Guests will need to comply with an updated set of ‘check out guidelines’, where some extra responsibility is needed to ensure the safety of our team. Guidelines for guests to follow will be: – ensuring that all used kitchen contents have been cleaned correctly (if poss. dishwasher, hot wash setting). – stripping their beds (NOT the pillow, mattress or duvet protectors) and putting linen into linen bags provided (these will be clean). – notify us/your booking agent if anyone in your party is ill/showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Our team will be wearing, at the very minimum, face masks and gloves. They will be wearing clean clothes and remove their shoes at the start of each changeover. They will wash hands immediately on arrival, and immediately after gloves are removed.

Updates & Policies

In response to the ever-changing circumstances brought to us in light of COVID-19, we have amended out policies temporarily for this upcoming winter season from December 1 2020 to September 30 2021.

We usually ask for at least 2 weeks notice to book in changeovers and services with us. We do appreciate that this can sometimes be difficult, and we will always try to accompany your request wherever possible.

If you need to change the date of the service you have booked, we ask for the usual notice in advance, but our current Cancellation Fee will apply if we have less than 48 hours notice.

However, if you are to cancel your booking with us, the Cancellation Fee now applies if we are given less than 7 days notice.

Please bear this in mind if you use a system that takes instant bookings, and review your own cancellation policies.

(A booking/service encompasses any services arranged with us, including cleaning services, guest services and owner services.)

Thank you for your understanding.

Trust and Dust