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How to clean up after your furry friends | Trust & Dust
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How to clean up after your furry friends

Pets are wonderful and provide so much joy to their owners. There’s nothing better then coming home after a long day to see your furry (or non-furry!) buddy, whether it’s a cat, a dog, a chinchilla or even a goldfish. Studies have shown that that people with pets are happier and less stressed than those without.

However, there’s something we all have to learn to live with as pet owners, and that is the constant and infinite MESS!

At Trust and Dust HQ we have 2 cats and the only real downside is that they can’t (won’t?!) clean up after themselves. There’s always fur on our clothes, cat food spread all around the litter tray and often little ‘surprises’… Whether that’s cat vomit on freshly washed jeans or half a mouse on the rug, depends on the day!

Top tips on living cleanly with your animal friend(s)

1- Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

Whether you have a canary or a great dane, there’s sure to be some sort of hair, feathers, saw dust etc. on your floors and furniture, so vacuum little and often and keep on top of it.

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2- Clean up any accidents as quickly as possible 

Use kitchen roll and an all-purpose cleaner, with a bin bag next to you to put dirty kitchen roll in as you use it. Spray-on carpet cleaner foam is a good investment too. You leave it on for 30 minutes then wipe off, taking the mess with it.

3- Keep your kitchen counters clean and food free

Put away any food as soon as possible, then wipe down all the surfaces. Fill the dishwasher (or do the washing up!) rather than leaving dirty plates in the sink.

We found our cat licking the oil from a pan and a friend’s dog jumped on the counter and ate a whole bar of butter! Prevention is better than cure.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 20.48.36

4- Learn to live with a little bit of hair and mess

It’s so worth it when you’re pet is cuddling you, helping you chill out or making you laugh and a bit of fur never hurt anyone!

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