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How to clean your loo in under a minute! | Trust & Dust
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How to clean your loo in under a minute!

Okay, cleaning a toilet is never a pleasant task. The smells, the germs, the downright horribleness of being in close proximity with human waste (and who knows what else!)… yes, it’s not enjoyable and no matter how many toilets you’ve cleaned, it doesn’t really get any better!

We have found that a lot of people think cleaning a toilet involves simply whizzing a toilet brush around inside the bowl. Unfortunately that’s not the case, so we have come up with the perfect routine for getting a sparkling clean toilet, as quickly and painlessly as possible.


You will need:

Toilet cleaner – this could be shop bought bleach, but you can also try Coca-Cola (really!)

General cleaning spray

A sponge designated for toilet use only

A dry cloth or toilet paper

Rubber gloves


  • Firstly put on the gloves!
  • Next squirt toilet cleaner into the bowl, making sure to get up and under the rim of the toilet. Take the toilet brush and give the bowl a really good scrub. If you want to give the loo brush a quick clean, you can put the brush into the bowl and squirt some cleaner on this too. Aim to leave the toilet cleaner in the bowl for around 15 minutes, to give it a good soak.
  • Next lift up the seat and lid, take the general cleaning spray and spray all around the underside of the seat and the rim of the toilet. With the wet sponge wipe and clean any marks off. Rinse the sponge with hot water often!
  • Next spray and clean all around the bottom of the toilet down to where it touches the floor, the sides and front. Don’t forget the front, this tends to get missed A LOT!
  • Put down the seat and repeat the process here and on the underside of the lid.
  • Put down the lid and spray and clean the top of the lid, around the joints of the seat and top of the toilet including the flush.
  • Then take either a dry cloth designated for toilet use only!) and dry off the toilet, or you can use toilet paper to do this.

Et voila, a lovely clean and fresh smelling toilet??!

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