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Our Cleaning 10 Commandments | Trust & Dust
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Our Cleaning 10 Commandments

Some people say cleaning is next to godliness… abide by our cleaning 10 commandments and thou shalt never have a dirty home again!


  1. Thou shalt start at the top and finish at the bottom:

This applies to dusting and vacuuming mostly. When dusting, start by getting those hard to reach cobwebs and finish with the skirting boards. When vacuuming, start upstairs and finish at the bottom of the house. Work with gravity, not against it!



  1. Thou shalt organize and carry you cleaning supplies with you:

We find a bucket, basket, box or just a carrier bag works well. Put everything you need in your chosen container and then you don’t have to run back and forth to where your cleaning supplies are stored.

We recommend for the bare minimum-

White vinegar

General cleaning spray

Toilet cleaner (bleach/coke!)

Window spray

Furniture polish

Cleaning cloths/tools: duster, microfibre for buffing, sponge, metal scourer, toothbrush, squeegee



  1. Thou shalt listen to your favourite motivational music:

Proven to make cleaning easier and faster and of course, more fun!

Check out our playlists over on Spotify, such as this one:


  • 4. Thou shalt clean in a team:

Like with most things it’s much more fun to clean with someone else, and as they say, “Many hands make light work”. So grab a buddy, your partner, your mum or your son and get scrubbing! You can even have races and competitions to see who completes each chore the fastest or the best.

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  1. Thou shalt clean up that spill straight away:

If you spill something on the hob while you’re cooking, or if you notice that the bathroom is starting to need a clean while brushing your teeth at night, get to it straight away instead of waiting until your next big clean. Our motto is “A stich in time saves nine”, it can be all too easy to procrastinate!



  1. Thou shalt tidy up first, including de-cluttering:

There’s no point in giving your house or flat a good clean if there’s stuff everywhere. Not only do you have to move everything making the task harder, stuff accumulates dust!

So before donning your rubber gloves spend some time tidying your home. And make sure you regularly de-clutter, we recommend every Spring and Autumn. If you don’t use it, don’t keep it! It can be amazingly cathartic.



  1. Thou shalt clean little and often:

The longer you leave it, the bigger the job. So if you dread the huge weekly (or maybe even monthly!) clean that you have to do, why not break it down into small daily tasks. You can either tackle one area per day, dusting one day, windows the next, bathroom the next day and so on, or you can do a quick clean of each area every day. We promise you’ll find it much more manageable and less daunting!




  1. Thou shalt clean in a certain order:

We find it really helps to clean in the same order every time. Generally we start with the bathrooms and kitchens (the ‘wet’ tasks), before moving onto dusting and windows, finishing with the floors. Mopping is always the final task and you can sit back with a cup of tea while the floors dry!



  1. Thou shalt buff it up:

This is one of our biggest secrets… buffing up (polishing) any shiny surface makes your home look cleaner! Even if it strictly actually isn’t. We favour microfibre cloths with window cleaning spray or white vinegar to achieve the desired sparkling effect. Remember, if it’s shiny it can be buffed, so don’t forget about the front of ovens, toasters and kettles, along with metal bins and, of course taps!



  1. Thou shalt get a cleaner:

Last but not least, if nothing can inspire you to pick up the hoover, then get in touch with as at Trust and Dust and we can do it for you 😊


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