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Seasonnaire (house share) cleaning tips! | Trust & Dust
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Seasonnaire (house share) cleaning tips!

If you’re joining us in Morzine for an exciting summer season, whether it’s to try your hand at learning the French language at the local French school, to explore the mountains on foot or by bike, or just to lie in the sunshine (totally acceptable, by the way, there’s a great pool!), then you will be most likely living in seasonnaire accommodation and sharing with others for a few months. Welcome, we’re so glad you could make it!

Juggling the essentials can be tough: as well as the laborious task of choosing which side to lay on in the sun (rotate every 20 minutes, and stay hydrated…), we know that it can be hard to keep on top of the cleaning when you share a house, especially if there are lots of you! We know, because we’ve lived in shared accommodation, and we’ve cleaned our fair share of them too! Here’s some easy tips to avoid ending up in a pickle with your housemates and having your house look like this (!):

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.21.20

  • First step, make sure you have the tools for the job. Make it easy! It’s mighty, mighty tedious when you haven’t got the right kit. You’ll need a working vacuum, a good mop, and a few bits to keep under the kitchen sink. We LOVE Method products, because they smell incredible and they’re eco-conscious. There are plenty of home remedies to cut through dirt and grease too, keep white wine vinegar and baking soda at the ready, we love them!
  • Make a cleaning rota for everybody and STICK TO IT! Don’t bother putting optimistic jobs on there, unless you’re all up for a group effort cleaning session! It’s easier to stick to simple jobs, like dusting one day, vacuuming and mopping on another, and cleaning windows on the next! It’s just super important that everybody respects the plan and keeps to it. We really like Clean Mama’s organisational skills. You can also download one of her FREE printable cleaning calendars. Lemon squeezy!
  • House rules are there for a reason! Stay on top of things by encouraging simple rules like: take your shoes off at the door, wipe up spills right away (red wine stains things, durr!), and use the toilet brush – yes, some people need to be told about these…
  • Clean the oven religiously! We always find that the oven is usually the most forgotten place to clean in a kitchen, because it hides all of the sins – remember having that cheese on toast at 2am… No? Just us then. Ahem… Anyway, you can use your trusty baking soda and white wine vinegar (see tip no. 1) to clean an oven; did you see our post with this helpful video a while ago? So. SO. Simple. Didn’t we prepare you well??
  • If all else fails, get in touch with us at Trust and Dust, and we can send in our terrific team to make your life that little bit easier. We understand that precious cleaning time can slip away from you whilst sampling the local non-alcoholic* wines and fat-free** cheeses! Oops…

Good luck and have a good one! Love, Trust and Dust

* Not true. But you tell your mother-in-law this who comes to visit.

** As above.

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