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Self-catered vs Catered Accommodation- Why we think self-catered is best. | Trust & Dust
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Self-catered vs Catered Accommodation- Why we think self-catered is best.

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Price: The number one biggest advantage of a self-catered apartment or chalet is the price. In central Morzine during the last week of January 2015, a self-catered chalet that sleeps 12 can be around 3800€ to rent for the week. A catered chalet can be 7000€. That’s over 3000 € difference! But, I hear the catered chalet advocates cry, you have all food included in that price (breakfast and dinner at least)…Yes that’s true, but 3000 € to feed 12 people for a week seems rather steep. Of course the food is usually top quality and you get lots of it, but to save the pennies, why not cook at your property? If that’s not really your thing, you can still eat out in-expensively in Morzine and the area, there are plenty of good-value pizzerias and takeaway restaurants. And if you really crave the chalet experience, The Chalet Host Co. can come and cook for you for either the whole week, or just one special treat yourself night. Their price for the one night’s fully catered experience,is only £25 per person. For this you get 3 courses AND they clear up afterwards!Have a look at our page https://trustanddust.com/private-catering/ or  http://www.thechalethostco.com/ for more info.

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Privacy is next on our list of pros for self-catered accommodation. If you’re not a hugely social creature, you may not be keen on staying in effectively a small hotel with people you’re never met before, sharing living space, a dining table and loos as well. Chalet hosts can make you feel at home and give you great advice on the skiing, and where to go out, but sometimes their bright cheery attitudes can be a bit much over the breakfast table! You also will feel the need to keep your bedroom super tidy as the chalet staff come in and clean daily, you don’t want them gossiping about the messy guests staying in bedroom 3 now do you? The advantage of a self-catered property is that it really is just you. You can walk around butt naked, party until the early hours, or go to bed at 9pm without any worries that the other guests might wake you up when they stumble home from the local discotheque at 3am.

Location is another advantage of SC accommodation. Of course many of the higher priced catered chalets are located smack bang in the centre of town close to the lifts and all amenities, but generally catered properties are a bit further out. If you’re after a SC apartment to sleep up to 6, you’ll probably be able to find one for a fraction of the price in the town. It’s also more likely to be ski in /ski out as it’s unusual to have a large chalet located right on the pistes.


Independence is our final pro to SC holidays. If your life is already full of routine and order, then you might want to get away from that on holiday, Unfortunately you can’t on a catered holiday. Yes breakfast is made for you, but it’s always at a certain time, so no long lie ins that you’ve been dreaming about in the office. Yes you can often have a lift to the slopes and back, but again you have arrange a time with your chalet hosts and it’s not very cool to keep them waiting while you enjoy just one more après-ski vin chaud. Yes they will give you advice on where to go and what to see while you’re in town, but isn’t it fun to discover that for yourself? So in between breakfast, lifts to the slopes, lifts back, afternoon tea and dinner, you will find yourself following a routine possibly as strict as your one at home!

Hopefully we’ve convinced you and you are champing at the bit to book your self-catered ski holiday…if that’s the case please head over to our property rentals page, where we have a selection of self-catered apartments and chalets available to hire at fantastic prices in Morzine and La Grande Terche- www.trustanddust.com/property and remember we can organise any extras you might need, airport transfers, lift passes, ski hire, private catering, child care and so on- www.trustanddust.com, so we can ensure you have a wonderful holiday with us!

If you’ve heard our list of reasons why we think self-catered if best and you’re STILL a catered chalet purist, (pah!) then we highly recommend the fabulous Treeline Chalets for your catered needs- www.treelinechalets.com


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