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The 5 best cleaning tips EVER!!! | Trust & Dust
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The 5 best cleaning tips EVER!!!

Okay, so we admit that the title is a bit of a difficult act to follow, but we’ve chatted to our mums and grannies, scoured the internet and looked into some of our own experiences and come up with what we think are the best and most useful cleaning tips in the whole wide world!

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1. How to de-scale your kettle:

This is particularly useful if you live in a hard water area, like Morzine. That lovely white stuff that builds up in your kettle not only can make your cuppa taste funny but it’s also a pain to remove. Beat the lime scale using some bog standard white vinegar (or lemon juice if you don’t have any to hand!)

  • Fill the kettle with one part water and one part white vinegar.
  • Ideally leave for an hour, but if you don’t have time the next step can be done straight away although it won’t be quite as effective.
  • Boil the kettle, then empty it and rinse thoroughly.

Et voila, a super clean and fresh kettle, no expensive chemicals required!

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2.  How to get red-wine out of carpet:

An oldie but certainly a goodie… There are conflicting arguments about the best way to do this. I’ve heard of hot water, soda water, washing up liquid, vinegar and more. But my tired and tested method harking back to when a ‘friend’ split a whole bottle of red on my parents cream rug at a young age is-

  •  Pour on some white wine onto the red wine, and then cover it in salt. Do not be shy with the salt, use a whole packet if necessary.
  • Then leave it for at least a few hours or until the salt dries and keep your fingers crossed!
  • Finally, get out the vacuum cleaner and suck up the salt.

The red wine should be completely gone and no one will ever know!

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3.   How to clean windows T & D style:

This is possibly the bane of our lives at Trust and Dust. Out here in the Alps, we have a lot of weather, rain and snow do not clean windows make! There’s nothing more frustrating than cleaning a window and the water or window spray immediately freezing! We recommend you do the following only when it’s above 5 °C outside…

  •  Start by filling a bucket with warm water and a squeeze of washing up liquid then take a microfibre cloth dipped in the solution and give the whole window a good clean.
  • Using a squeegee, wipe off the water top to bottom. A good tip is to dry the squeegee after each wipe so it doesn’t get too wet.
  • To finish buff up the window and ensure it is smear-free by using some blue window cleaning spray and your weapon of choice… Rolled up newspaper, kitchen roll and special micro-fibre cloths for windows…all work well.

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 4.   How to get a squeaky clean Microwave with ease:

To give your microwave a thorough clean, swap your elbow grease for some lemon juice…

  • Squeeze a lemon into a bowl or cup of water and heat it on high in your microwave for a minute or until the glass door is steamy.
  • Leave the bowl to sit for 15 minutes before removing it and you should be able to simply wipe away any grime easily!

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5.   How to get rid of cat and dog hair:

We love our furry creatures but as all dog and cat owners know, their hair gets everywhere! Not ideal when you tuck into a delicious meal and have to pull out a small coarse hair from your plate…

  • To get rid of it fast, put on your rubber gloves and wet them.
  • Wipe your hand over the hairy surfaces and the offending fur will stick to the glove like a magnet!

We think these ideas are the best thing since sliced bread, but leave a comment on our Facebook page if you think we’ve missed any amazing cleaning tips!

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