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The Importance of Being Clean | Trust & Dust
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The Importance of Being Clean

We think cleaning is an essential part of everyday life and here’s why…

Good hygiene: We really appreciate the value of a clean and germ-free house. Yes, it isn’t necessarily good to live in a clinically clean house because it’s harder to build up a resistance to bad bacteria BUT making sure your home doesn’t need fumigating regularly is definitely a good idea! This is even more important if you have young kids. Think about the places they can reach and touch and how often they put their hands in their own mouths and eat food they’ve dropped on the floor… Concentrate on the bathrooms and kitchens, the floors in particular, and make sure you get rid of waste and clean up anything that might grow mould!

It makes you feel happy: It really, really does! There’s no better feeling than coming home to a really clean house, smelling the freshness as you walk in and seeing that everything is sparkling and in its place.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.29.03Organisation- Knowing where everything is speeds up every task you do! I can’t sit down to do work at my computer or relax if there’s a messy or dirty house around me. It really clears your head knowing everything is shipshape and also limits distractions.

It helps your social life: You will want to show off your beautiful clean house, so you will be more likely to invite friends over, meaning you see them more! I bet you still can’t help saying, “excuse the mess” before they walk in though, even if it’s not true…


However good your intentions, here at Trust and Dust we know how difficult it can be to keep on top of everyday cleaning.  If you could do with a helping hand then contact us: info@trustanddust.com

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