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What We Learn From Team Training | Trust & Dust
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What We Learn From Team Training

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At the beginning of every winter and summer season, we embark on a few days training for our staff, to ensure they can maintain our super high standards and can get to grips with how we work. Plus everyone gets to meet up and have a good old chinwag! We are always open to new cleaning tips, so it’s great to pool our ideas together.

Most of our team already have some experience of professional cleaning, but everyone has different ways of doing things, and we certainly have lots of extra tasks we like our cleaners to do to make our cleaning stand out, attention to detail is everything!

Funnily enough the same things seem to come up every season, things that tend to get missed at first, until we pick up on them during team training.

Some of these are:

  • The front of the toilet where it meets the floor- Pretty gross, but this area ALWAYS gets dirty, and because of the way you stand above a loo to clean it, it’s a bit of a blind spot. Just give it a quick wipe with some general cleaning spray and sponge and it’s done!


  • The front of kitchen cupboards in kitchens- It’s easy to remember to clean surfaces, tiles and anything obvious, but if it’s not at eye level it’s harder to spot, and there always seem to be food stains on the front of cupboards, or finger prints if the material is shiny. Simply crouch down and wipe with a general cleaning spray and sponge, dry off and if it’s a shiny surface, buff it up with white vinegar and a microfibre cloth.


  • Buffing- We talked about “buffing” before, and this is a key part of our cleaning regime. When you clean your own kitchen or bathroom, you probably don’t spend an extra 15 minutes polishing the taps/oven door so there are no marks on them (yay you if you do!) but we will always take our time to make sure anything that is shiny in a bathroom or kitchen; taps, shower screens, bins, kettles, toasters, etc. is buffed up and polished to perfection! All that is required is a microfibre cloth and our trusty favorite, white vinegar.
  • Moving everything- Whether you are wiping surfaces in the kitchen, or bathroom, dusting of vacuuming, our top tip is to move out everything! Pull out the sofa, move the ornaments to the side, move any toiletries in the bathroom, lift up the microwave, kettle and toaster, because you can be sure there will be something lurking underneath…


Finally, you might be wondering why we even have training for cleaning, a lot of people think it’s an easy job… unfortunately that just isn’t true, and cleaning is a skill! Some people are obviously naturally better at it, but we think with some trying most people can do a good job. No excuses now!

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