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What's in our cleaning bags? | Trust & Dust
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What’s in our cleaning bags?

We get asked all the time about what we carry in our cleaning bags, and well, the answer is A LOT! We could go on and on to list the entire contents right here, but instead we’ll list the things we couldn’t do without!


  1. Micro-fibre cloths

We call them ‘love cloths’!  As well as towels for drying off clean, wet surfaces, we have plenty of micro-fibres in our cleaning kits. These cloths are simply the best. Use these to add a touch of finesse to your cleaning by buffing up all surfaces made of glass, granite, chrome stainless steel and more…


  1. White vinegar

A cleaners’ best-kept secret, shh, don’t tell! You don’t always need every product off the shelf in your cleaning caddy. White vinegar is great for almost everything including cleaning windows, descaling your kettle and shower heads, polishing sinks, removing stains from carpets as well as deodorizing smelly places like refrigerators. Mix with bicarbonate of soda and you’ve got a great oven cleaner, which is kinder to skin and uses less chemicals.


  1. Rubber gloves

We know we’re cleaners by day, but we still want to look and feel amazing just like everyone else, and there’s nothing WORSE than dry hands and chipped nails… To look after our mitts, we have to wear a pair of rubber gloves whilst ‘wet’ cleaning anything, such as bathrooms and kitchens, and we usually find it useful to wear them if we’re to clean out a fire, empty the trash and other similar dirty jobs.


  1. Slippers

Apart from being cozy and warm during the winter months (useful when a property is vacant for a while and the floors are FREEZING!), we also use them to keep the floors footprint-free when inside other people’s properties when cleaning. Go to our Facebook post about keeping the floors clean and see why we encourage you to wear sliders or slippers when indoors, we especially like IKEA’s ‘NJUTA’ slippers at €2.50 per pair, a bargain!


  1. There’s Method in the madness

Have you ever smelt any Method products before… ?!!! As well as smelling as if you could eat them (please, do NOT!), Method products are hard working and eco-friendly. We like to keep an all-purpose spray in every cleaning bag





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